Getting Started


This interactive workbook is not a legal document. Completing it will help you express your wishes, values, and beliefs about your future health and personal care in the event you are unable to do so. It uses five steps to help you:

  • Consider what is important to you;
  • Create a summary of your wishes, values and beliefs;
  • Have conversations with your potential future Substitute Decision Maker(s), health care professionals, and others.

Feel free to move back and forth between the different sections. You can choose to answer or skip questions, and record your thoughts and wishes in each section. If you want to save your workbook and come back to work on it, you can click on “Save and Continue Later”. You’ll be given a link that will be sent to your e-mail address – you can use that link to return to your workbook at any time for the next 30 days.

Once you feel you have recorded everything that’s important to you, you can print it, download it, or share it with others by e-mail.

Remember, in Ontario, the law provides you with a Substitute Decision Maker, even if you do not appoint someone to act on your behalf. The health care professional must turn to the Substitute Decision Maker to get consent or refusal of consent to any treatments for you. Your Substitute Decision Maker(s) needs to know your values and wishes!

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Please note: In the next few weeks, the Speak Up Ontario Advance Care Planning Online Workbook will be replaced with a revised and upgraded version. You may continue to use the current workbook as normal until further notice. However, if you wish to keep your current workbook information we strongly advise you to save it on your computer or print it for your future reference.