What You Have to Say Is Important!

Life Can Change in an Instant. Imagine:

You have been in a serious car accident. You have lost the ability to speak for yourself or direct your care. You do not recognize your family or friends. Do you know who would make health and personal care decisions for you?

Your widowed mom has had a stroke and is unable to speak for herself. Do you know what kind of care she would have wanted if able to speak for herself? Who would be your mother’s “substitute decision maker”? Who would make health and personal care decisions on her behalf? You? Your siblings?

You are planning a trip and have taken out travel insurance to prepare in case something goes wrong. Do you know how important it is to also talk to family and friends about the possible emergency health care you would want?

Your health or personal care circumstances can change quickly and without warning. None of us know what tomorrow will bring. We cannot always predict if, or when, we will need to rely on others to make health or personal care decisions for us, or when we will be called on to make these decisions for a family member.

This resource can help you become familiar with advance care planning in Ontario and how it can help you prepare for a time when you may not be able to make health decisions for yourself and when someone else – your substitute decision maker – would have to make decisions for you.